Tenali Rama rides on Rajaguru’s back - Tenali Rama Stories

Rajaguru Thathachariar was not happy about Tenali Rama joining the King’s court as a jester. Every time, when he had an opportunity the Rajaguru insulted Tenali Raman in front of others in the court. Tenali Rama was very upset about this and was waiting for the right time to take revenge.

Boy's Kurta and Pyjama Set

  • Sizes: 12M to 8Y
  • Dupion Silk fabric
  • Full Sleeve

Rs. 999

Red Party Dress for Girls

  • Polyester fabric
  • Round Neck, Cap Sleeves
  • Size: 2Y - 12Y

Rs. 1,750/-

Paper Ships - Easy DIY Crafts for Children

Here is a DIY procedure to do paper ships. This is a very easy craft which can be done by the children themselves. These ships can also float on water.

Materials Required:
a) Coloured Papers (square shaped)

Elephants and Hares - Panchatantra Story for Children

Once upon a time, a group of elephants lived in a forest. The elephants were lead by a king elephant. One summer, the water in the area where they lived dried up. The elephants were starving without water. The king elephant knew about another lake in that forest. He decided to take other elephants to that part of the forest.