The Story of the cat, partridge and the hare - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, a partridge lived under a tree. One day, the partridge decided to go to a nearby field to find food there. The partridge found the field as a good source of food and hence stayed there for days without returning to its home.

In the meantime, a hare came to the partridge's home started living it its home. One day, the partridge returned to its home, and was shocked to see a stranger in his home. He asked the hare to go away from his home, but the hare refused. They both started fighting with each other.

They they both decided to approach a learned third person to solve the problem. They both went to a cat and explained about their problem. Actually, the cat was a wicked one. On hearing the problem, he thought about a plan to cheat them both and take away the home. 

The cat stood near an edge of a big rock. The wicked cat said, "Sorry, I have grown very old. I am unable to hear you. Please come near me and tell me your problems again."

They both were fooled and not knowing about the cat's plan, the partridge and the hare went near the cat. The cat put his hands on both of them, and pushed them down from the rock.

Moral: Bad people always take advantage over other people's quarrel.


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