Story of a Day Dreaming Priest - Panchatantra Story

Long time ago, a priest lived in a small village. The priest was very lazy who did not want to do any work. Instead, he used to dream of being very rich. One morning he got a pot of milk from a villager. He was very happy about the milk. 

He took the milk to his home and added little curd to that milk for converting the milk to curd. Then he laid near the pot, imagining about what would happen when the pot of milk turns to curd..

He dreamt that if the milk turns into curd, the next day, he could churn the curd and get good quality of butter and then ghee from that butter. He thought, ' I would sell the ghee in the market. With that money, I will buy a hen. The hen will lay many eggs which will hatch to and very soon I will have a poultry farm of my own. Then very soon I will become a very rich man in this village. Then I can marry the rich man's girl from the neighboring village.'

He continued dreaming, 'After marriage, my wife and I will have a cute kid. One day the kid will do some mischief, then I take a stick and will beat my kid'. Dreaming like this, the day dreaming priest, took a stick and imaging as beating his little son, he hit the pot of milk that was kept near him

The pot broke and that whole milk was spilled down. Lazy Priest lost the milk, because of his laziness.


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