The Bug and the Flea - Panchatantra Story

Once a bug made a small house for it in the costly cot of the king of a kingdom and lived happily for many years in that home. One day the bug saw a flea entering into the king's bedroom. The bug told the flea that he had come to a wrong place and asked him to leave the room before somebody noticed him.

The flea replied,  "Sir, it is not good on your part to ask a guest to leave your house. Even if the guest is your enemy, you should welcome him and treat him well. Besides, I have never tasted a royal blood in my life. So please let me inside your home for this night only."

The bug didn't want to grow the argument with the flea. So he allowed him into his house and told the flea , "OK friend you can stay in my house for one night. But you should be very careful and suck the blood of the king only when he is fast asleep." The flea agreed.

That night, when the king entered the bedroom to sleep, the flea was excited about the feast it thought it would have that night. The impatient flea began drinking the king's blood even before he went to sleep. Feeling the pain and seeing the blood in his arms, the king asked his servants to look for what was in his cot.

The servants closely examined the cot and found both the bug and the flea in the cot. They killed them both. Poor little bug died because of his bad companion's impatience. 

MORAL : Keep away from dangerous strangers.


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