Jackal and the war drum - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time a jackal was very hungry and in search of food it walked out of the forest and reached an abandoned battle field. Lots of left-outs after the war were scattered all over that place. 

As the jackal walked there, he heard a very strange sound coming from back of a tree. At first, he thought it should be some strange animal hiding behind the tree. So he was afraid to move even a single step for sometime.

However after sometime, he felt there is no meaning in standing still in one place. He decided to go and look behind the tree to see who was making that strange sound. 

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When he went behind the tree, he saw a war drum below the tree. The branches of tree were hitting the drum because of wind and that was creating the sound. 

The jackal didn't know that it was a war drum. He thought some small animal was making that sound from inside the drum. He thought that animal would be a tasty food to eat. So he tore the drum and put his head inside that. Sadly the jackal didn't find any animal inside the drum. 

However after sometime, the jackal was happy that he had the courage to explore who was making that strange sound. So he walked in search of food with pride.

MORAL: Learn to take the good things from failures. 


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