The Story of Adam and Eve - Bible Stories for Children #2

Once Lord created the most beautiful garden. He named it as Eden Garden. The Garden was filled with many wonderful things. Beautiful flowers grew everywhere. There were many birds and animals. 

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Then the Lord created the first man and named him as Adam. Since Adam was the only human in the Garden of Eden, that night, God took a rib from Adam and created the first woman. She was named as Eve.  God blessed them both and said, "All these are for you both. Enjoy with everything in this Garden, but never touch the fruits from that tree in the middle of the garden. If you eat those fruits, you both will have to leave this Garden."  

Adam and Eve lived happily in the Garden. One day, when Adam and Eve were walking by that tree in the middle of the Garden, they both heard a silky voice coming from the tree. "Why aren't you eating the fruits from this beautiful tree?" , asked that voice. Adam and Eve turned around and saw a snake talking to them.

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Eve replied, "The Lord have asked us not to eat this fruit". 

"ha.. ha.. thats very silly. If you eat this fruit you will become just like God and you both will be able to decide upon whats right and wrong. That is why God have asked you not to eat this beautiful fruit", saying this the snake plucked a fruit from the tree and gave it to Eve.

Eve looked at the fruit and thought how tasty it would be. She thought how wonderful it would be if they both are wise and powerful to think in their own like the Lord. She ate the fruit and gave it to Adam. He too had a bite of the fruit.

Just then the Lord entered into the Garden. For the first time, Adam and Eve felt very unhappy and fearful of God. They hid themselves behind a bush.  God realized that they have disobeyed them and was very unhappy. He asked them to leave the Garden of Eden.


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