Milk and Water - Moral Story

Once there was a ruler named Caliph Umer in Arabia. He was very much interested in his peoples' welfare. He would not rely on his minister's reports about people. He himself would disguise as an ordinary person and always goes into the city to find the truth.

Once he went around the city and met people and asked them whether they are happy and have enough food and shelter. When he was on such a round, he heard a woman taking to her daughter "When you take the milk to the market to sell it tomorrow, add half a can of water so that we can make extra money". The young girl hesitated and said " Ammi, isn't that wrong?".

"Nobody will know" said her mother, "If we do it, we will get some extra money. Using that money, I can get you better food and dress."

"But God will know, Ammi. Won't God be watching when I add water?" , the girl said.

Caliph Umer listened this conversation and stepped into the house. "I have heard your conversation and admire the poor little girl's sincerity. I will certainly reward her for her honesty.

He waited for this little girl to grow up and married one of his sons to her.

MORAL: Honesty is a virtue and it is always praised.


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