The Donkey and the dog - Moral Story

A man had a dog as a pet. He loved it very much that he would feed it food from his plate. He showed his love by patting it's head and keeping it on his knee. 

 The donkey became very sad seeing the care and affection shown to the dog by his master. It was thinking "Why the master didn't make me as his pet? I work very hard and help him. The dog doesn't do any job other than waving it's tail and barking, but it enjoys everything. It is not fair that it gets all the affection."

Then the donkey thought for a while and came up with a plan. The plan was to imitate what the dog does so that it can get love and care from the man. The donkey ran into the master's room braying loudly similar to the way the dog barks loudly. It wagged its tail similar to the dog so hard that it knocked the things in the house and broke them down. Then it tried to jump on the man's knees.

The master thought that the donkey has gone mad and shouted for help. Men came with sticks and drove the donkey back to the field. 

The donkey didn't realize it's mistake. It started thinking "Why did they beat me ? I did only what the dog was doing. It is not fair at all."

MORAL: Learn to be happy with who you are.


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