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Hi readers, 

We, the team want to provide the best to you when it comes to children stories and other posts related to kids. Your feedback and suggestions will really help us to reach us where, we wish to be at. Please share your thoughts at the comments section below. 

If you want us to write under any specific topic or any particular genre of children stories, kindly do mention them here. We will put our best efforts to server you the best.

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  1. Hi team,
    This site is really very usefull. It gives one stop solution for stories. Very Nice would be much more usefulk if you add some art works to engage kids during their leisure : paper work( origamy), small science projects or some small experiments by which we can explain some theories and facts..

    1. Hi Sumathi,

      thank you for your feedback. We will post about Children Crafts / Science activities in the coming days.

      thanks, Team