God begins His Creations - Bible Stories for Children #1

The world we live in today, the sky, the shining stars we see on the sky during night, the beautiful moon and the entire universe were created by God. Here is the story from bible about how the God created the universe and the people. 

The first creation by God were angels. Those angels lived with him in the heaven, Then God created the sun, the moon, the stars and our earth. At first, the earth was filled with darkness and ocean of water all over the land. God wanted people to live happily on that earth. So before creating the humans, God made the light from the Sun to fall on the earth for sometime - thus the earth got both day and night. Then he made the land to come up above the ocean water. 

At that time, there was nothing on the land. There were no flowers or trees or animals. Then, God made green grass to cover the land. Then he created all kinds of small plants and trees. Now the earth looked very pretty. Then God created small insects, fishes and animals. 

Finally, God made one part of the earth very special. The place was called the Garden of Eden. God thought that was the perfect place for humans to live. So next he decided to create a man and a woman. God took some dust from the ground and made a man's body with that. The he blew into that man's nose and thus the first man Adam came to life. Then God took a piece of rib from Adam and created the first woman. she was called Eve and she became Adam's wife. 

Then God made Adam and Eve live in that beautiful Garden of Eve. 

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