The Loyal Mongoose and the Hasty Farmer's Wife - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, a farmer lived with his wife. His wife gave birth to a baby boy. Since they lived alone, the farmer wanted to have a pet animal who can take care of the child. He told about this to his wife. His wife was hesitant at the beginning but agreed to that later.

The farmer searched for a pet animal and finally brought a mongoose to his home. The farmer's wife didn't like to keep the mongoose since she feared that it will harm her child. He convinced her and the mongoose lived with them in their home. But, she will never the child alone with the mongoose.

One day, the farmer and his wife had to go out of the village. The farmer convinced his wife that the mongoose will take care of their child. They left the child and the mongoose at home. At that time, a snake entered the home. The mongoose on seeing the snake fought with it and killed it ensuring that the child is safe.

After a while, the farmer and his wife returned back to their home. She saw the mongoose mouth with blood stains at the entrance. She immediately thought that the mongoose had killed her child. She became very angry and put a heavy box on the mongoose and killed it. She then rushed into the home to see the child.

She found the child sleeping in the cradle quietly. She also found the dead snake near the cradle. She then realized that the mongoose had saved her child by killing the snake. She became very sad at her act and felt ashamed.

MORAL: We should not act in haste. Always think and act.


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