The Story of a bird with two heads - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, there lived a strange bird on the banks of a river. The bird had two heads and shared a common stomach. One day, one of the heads of the bird found a juicy sweet fruit on a tree and it started tasting the fruit. On seeing this, the other head also wanted to taste the fruit and asked the first head to give a share of the sweet fruit.

The first head laughed at it and denied to share the fruit. It said that since they are sharing a stomach, whichever neck eats the fruit, it will go to the same stomach and that makes no difference whether it eats it or the other neck eats it. The other head became very disappointed at the first head's reply and wanted to teach it a lesson.

One day, the other head found a poisonous fruit on a tree. It took the poisonous fruit and said the first head that it will have the poisonous fruit. The first head was afraid and requested the other head not to eat the poisonous fruit since both of them will die if the other head eats the poisonous fruit. The other head didn't listen to it's request and ate the poisonous fruit. Both of them died.

MORAL: We should always share good things with others.


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