The Story of a Clever crow and an evil Snake - Panchatantra Story

Once, there lived a crow on a tree. She had built the nest on the tree. Unfortunately, a snake was living at the bottom of the same tree. Whenever the crow laid her eggs, the snake used to crawl up the tree and eat her eggs on the nest. The crow became very sad on this evil act. It wanted to teach the snake a lesson. It thought of a plan.

The crow went to the palace and it stole the necklace of the queen while she was bathing. The guards of the palace saw this and ran after the crow. The crow went to the tree where she lived and dropped the necklace in the burrow of the snake at the bottom of the tree.

The guards who followed the crow wanted to take the the necklace out of the burrow. Hence, they killed the snake and took the necklace safely out of the burrow. The crow was very happy that it's plan had worked and it's eggs are safe now.

MORAL: Intelligence always wins.



  1. This story was short but had a big meaning

  2. Victory of inteligence is common! !
    We learned a gr8 moral from this.

  3. This story is short and nice. My child has learnt it for school competition.

  4. A big message for the child from this story.