The Story of Four Scholars giving life to a dead Lion - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time there lived four friends. Three of them were well versed with Holy Sciptures, but they had only little common sense. The Fourth friend was completely ignorant of holy vedas, but he had a very good common sense. Many times the three learned friends used to make fun of the fourth friend, for not knowing about holy scriptures.

One day, the four friends were walking though a thick jungle. On the way they found the bones of a dead lion. On seeing the bone, one of the friends said, "Let us all put our scholarship to test. Here lies a dead lion. We will see if we can bring back his life". Saying this, he collected all the bones and made a skeleton of lion. The second friend enchanted some mantra and put flesh and blood into it. The third friend said he could give life for that lion.

Just when he was about to say some prayer, the fourth friend shouted, "Dear Friends, for God's sake please don't give life to this animal. If you bring this dead lion to life, he will kill all of us". Sadly, none of the friends listened to him, instead they made fun of him. They thought, he was jelous about their knowledge and power. 

Knowing that his friends would not listen to him, the fourth man said, "All right, you do as per your wish, but please wait a minute, while I climb up this tree". He went up the tree while the third scholar said some prayers and brought life to that lion. The lion immediately jumped over them and killed all the three scholars. The fourth one who climbed up the tree escaped because of his common sense.

MORAL : Common Sense is more powerful than literature knowledge.


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