The Story of a Holy man and a robber - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, in a lonely temple in a small village there lived an holy man. Many people who visited the temple used to get blessings from this holy man and in return they would present him with money and fine woven garments. 

The Holy man sold those garments and got very rich with those proceeds. The holy man never trusted anyone, hence he used to keep all that money inside a small bag and always kept the bag with him. In nights he used to keep the bag under his head like a pillow and sleep over it. 

Then one day, a robber from a nearby village came to that temple and noticed the village people presenting plenty of money and gifts to the Holy man. The robber thought about a plan to rob the holy man of his money. So the next day, he went to the holy man and fell on his feet. 

The robber told 'Oh Guruji, I have heard a lot of good things about you. You are the only one who could guide me to happiness. So I have come here to become your disciple." to the holy man. The holy man was very much pleased with the robber's words and agreed to have him as his disciple. 

Days went by, the robber pretended to be an obedient person. The holy man was also happy that he had got a good disciple. One day, the holy man had to go to a near by village to attend the festival in a temple there. The holy man asked the robber also come along with him. 

On the way to the other village, there was a river. On seeing the river, the holy man thought about taking bath in that river and then go to the village. The holy man kept all his belongings on the river bank and ordered his disciple to take care of them. 

When the holy man closed his eyes to enchant the mantra before bathing, the robber took the money bag and escaped away from there. When the holy man came back after bathing, he realized that his bag was stolen. He felt very bad for trusting a bad robber. 

MORAL : Do not be taken by sweet words from strangers.


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