Dino and a fire accident - Dinosaur Stories for Children

Read this Story - Dino meets Vicky - about how the little boy Vicky got his new pet Dino, a little green colored Dinosaur. 

As days passed by, Dino became a very close to everyone in the colony, except jimmy who was a little puppy in one of Vicky's neighboring homes. Jimmy didn't like everyone in the colony liking Dino. So whenever he saw Dino, he used to bark at him.

One day, Vicky's neighbor went to a near by town to attend some function there. They left Jimmy inside and locked the home. Unfortunately, that evening a small fire broke out in the house and spread everywhere. Poor Jimmy didn't know what to do. He kept shouting and running inside the house.

Vicky immediately called the fire station for help. Meanwhile, Dino broke the window and pulled jimmy outside. Jimmy was saved with little injuries.  

Jimmy thanked Dino for saving his life. Dino said that he wanted to be his friend. Then Vicky, Dino and Jimmy became friends. They went out to play with other children in the colony.


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