Benefits of telling stories to children

Children love listening to stories and we do find it enjoyable telling such short stories to them. Telling stories are not meant only for passing time. Here are few benefits we get from telling/reading stories to our kids.

Best Bonding time 
We live in a fast world and in such a fast moving world, working parents could spend only a little time with their kids. Even if the time is short, telling some interesting stories to kids will help in building strong bond between the parents and the kids. 

Improves knowledge
By telling stories about different countries, cultures animals etc. our kids get an opportunity to know about various things. However, we should remember that they are still kids. So care should be taken not to push too much of learning via stories :)

Better understanding about Kid's likes and dislikes
By telling variety of stories and seeing their reactions, we can get a better understanding about our kids. Few kids would love listening to actions stories, few love animal stories. 

Easy way to teach morals
Everyone hate advice and kids are not an exception for this. However, by telling short moral stories we can teach good morals to the kids without boring them.

Improves creativity of the kid
Mostly we tell stories about things which our kids don't see frequently in their daily life. With a good homework and good story telling skill, we can make our kids think and imagine about how those things would appear. Such activities during story telling sessions will improve their knowledge and imagination power.

There might be plenty of other benefits from telling bedtime stories to children. If you have any, please do mention them in the comments section below.



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