Robbery at the Village temple - Detective Stories for Children

One day, the telephone was ringing at the police station in a small town. The inspector in that police station picked up the telephone and said, 'hello'. The person on the other end for the call was from a near by village. He informed the police about the robbery that had happened in their village temple.

The inspector immediately ran to the police jeep and ordered his driver to go that village quickly. When the police inspector reached the temple, the place was already crowded by the village people. The inspector asked the people to move away and started investigating the place looking for some clue to trace the thieves.

He walked to the backside of the temple. Since it had rained heavily the previous night, the place was very muddy. As the inspector was looking around, he saw few foot prints on the ground. There were few gold jewels scattered near those foot prints. 

As he followed those foot prints, he also saw some hand prints on the wall. The inspector realized that while running after the robbery, the thief had slipped and fell down. The inspector followed those foot prints , which lead to a lonely house near that temple. 

Inside the house, the inspector saw three men who were sharing the gold among themselves. The inspector ordered his assistants to arrest those bad men. The village people appreciated the inspector for his smartness.


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