The Story of Sultan and three artists - Short Moral Story for Children

Once upon a time a sultan ruled a small country. In a battle, one of the Sultan's eye was wounded and became blind. He managed to live with the other eye. One day, the sultan invited three artists to paint his picture. He told the artists that if they do something wrong in the portrait, he would punish them. He also said, "If you draw a good portrait, I will reward you with plenty of gold."

The three artists started their work. The first artist drew a portrait of the king, as he was - having one good eye and one wounded eye. The sultan ordered the guards to put him inside the prison. The second one drew a portrait showing the king as a normal person. In that portrait both the eyes of the sultan were intact. The sultan ordered the guards to execute the second artist. 

The third artist drew a side pose of the sultan, showing only the good eye of the king in the portrait. The sultan was pleased with that portrait and rewarded the third artist with plenty of gold and honours. 

MORAL: Clever thinking can solve hard problems. 


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