The story of three Fishes - Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, there lived three fishes who were very close friends along with many other fishes in a pond near a village. One day, few men passing through that pond saw the plenty of fishes. One of the men said, "hey look there, so many fishes in this pond! It is already evening now. We should come tomorrow morning and catch them all."

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Hearing the fisherman, one of the three fishes, who was the wisest of them all called the other two fishes and said, "Did you friends hear what the fisherman said? We should leave this pond tonight itself, and move to a safe place quickly."

The second fish agreed to him and said, "Yes that's true, I think we should not be here anymore." But the third fish started laughing for what they both said. He replied, "This is our home. We should not run away like this."  

Unable to convince the third fish, the other two left the pond that night. The next day, the fishermen put a big net in that pond and caught a plenty of fishes. Poor third fish was one among them. If he had listened to his other two friends, he wouldn't have been caught like this.

MORAL :  When you foresee a problem, think and act wisely.


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