Three sons filling the room - Moral Story

Once upon a time, an old merchant lived with his three sons in a small town. Though the old merchant loved all his sons, he always gave important business related works to his elder son. The other two sons were not happy because of this. They were jealous about their brother being trusted by their father. 

One day they went to their father and started arguing why he never trusted him for important tasks. The old merchant didn't reply anything in anger. Instead, he called all the three sons and gave them each one hundred rupees. He asked them to go and buy something and fill their respective rooms. He said, the one who completely fills their room with that money would be responsible for all his business in the future.

The youngest son immediately ran to the market. He bought hay for that money but he couldn't fill the room completely with the hay he bought for that one hundred rupees. The second son bought cotton for that money. Even he couldn't fill his room completely with that cotton.

The old merchant asked them to go to their brother's room check what he has done with that little money. The eldest brother had bought some candle and incense sticks and lighted them in his room. His room was filled with light and good smell.

The other two brothers realized the intelligence of the eldest son. They apologized for getting jealous about him.

MORAL: Good people will be liked by all. 


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