Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs for Children

Here are few interesting facts about Dinosaurs that you can tell your children:
  • 'Dinosaurs' is the name given by Scientists to a special kind of creature that lived on earth 260 millions year ago. Dinosaurs are no more found on earth now.

  • The word 'Dinosaur' come from the Greek language and it means 'Terrible Lizard'

  • Dinosaurs lived on this earth for about 160 million years. That time period in history is called as Mesozic Era.Dinosaurs became completely extinct during that era itself.
  • Scientists believe some massive asteroid attack or huge volcano or drastic climatic changes might have caused the extinction of Dinosaurs.

  • Some species of Dinosaurs were 165 feet long. They weighed about 100 tons.

  • A variety of Dinosaurs called as Theropods could fly.

  • There were carnivores dinosaurs that ate meat. There were also herbivores dinosaurs that ate only plants.

  • 'Jurassic Park' is a very popular book about Dinosaurs written by Michael Crinchton. Later in 1990s, this book was made as successful movie.


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