The Story of Greedy Dog with pictures - Short Moral Story for Children

One day a dog stole a piece of bone from a meat shop in the market. He grabbed the bone in his mouth and walked towards the home. On the way he had to cross a small river. When crossing the bridge he looked into the water current.

His image was reflected on the river water. But the dog thought it was another dog that was holding another piece of bone. The Greedy dog wanted to grab that piece of bone also. So he opened his mouth to bark at him. Unfortunately the bone from his mouth fell into the water and was carried away by the water current. 

The Dog felt very sad for losing his food.

MORAL: Greediness brings loss.



  1. very short story bi careful nxt time

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    thank you for the comment. In the future, we will put our best efforts to post big stories.

  3. This story is useful for KG kids bcoz of short story and easily way to speach.
    it's nice. we need more of short story. Thanks alot kuttees.

  4. Hi Kaliyuga Kandan,

    thank you for the visit and the comment. Your words really encourage us to write more stories like this. Thank you once again.

    - Team

  5. This story is useful for nursery kids. They can easily learn this.
    Thanks a lot team kuttees.