The Story of King Maidas and his golden touch - Moral Story for Children

Once upon a time, a King known as King Maidas was ruling his kingdom. He was very greedy in nature. One day, while walking in his Palace Garden, the King saw an old scholar sleeping in the lawn. Taking pity on the old man, King Maidas let him go without any punishment. 

When the God came to know about this, he promised to reward the King by granting him one wish. King Maidas felt very happy and asked "I wish everything I touch should turn into gold". The God rewarded King with his wish.
King Maidas was very excited. He ran all round the palace touching the flowers, walls, furnitures and everything he touched turned into gold. He was very happy. But unfortunately, even the food became gold, before he could eat them. Even the water turned into gold.

One day, the king hugged his little daughter, who immediately turned into gold. King Maidas realised about his foolishness. He prayed to the God and asked him to take back his reward. The God felt pity on him and granted his wish. Everything became normal.

Learning from his mistakes, King Maidas became more kind towards the people and fairly ruled his kingdom.

MORAL : Greediness leads to pain


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