Akbar and Birbal : Short Stories with pictures for Children

Akbar was a popular and generous Mughal Emperor in the ancient India. Birbal was the most intelligent Minister and Adviser in Akbar's court. There are plenty of witty stories about Akbar and Birbal that can be told to young children. Here are few of them:

  1. Akbar meets Birbal
  2. Mahesh Das becomes Birbal
  3. Crows in the Kingdom
  4. The Three Questions
  5. The Wicket Barber
  6. The Emperor's Test for Birbal
  7. The Emperor's Ride
  8. The Moustache
  9. The Begums Plight
  10. Birbal's Khichri
  11. Re-union
  12. Justice for the Wall
  13. The Pickled Clue
  14. Birbal is tested


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