Akbar meets Birbal - Short Stories for Children with pictures

One day, the great Emperor Akbar, with his soldiers and ministers went into a thick forest for hunting. Inside the forest they saw a tiger. Akbar wanted to hunt that tiger, so he and his men started chasing the tiger which ran into the core of the forest to escape. 

Only then the soldiers realized that they had come a very long distance inside the forest. None of them knew the way back to the Agra city. They started walking looking for some way to return back to the palace. After walking for sometime, they saw three roads diverging at a point. Again none of them knew which path would take them to the palace.

Akbar couldn't control his frustration over his men. Just when he was about to shout at his men, they heard some whistling sound approaching them. All of them looked at the direction from where that sound came. There they saw a young man.

Akbar ordered his soldiers to go and bring that young man to him. When the soldiers brought him to the emperor, Akbar asked him "Dear young man, which among these three roads go to the Agra city?"

The young man laughed immediately. The soldiers were shocked to see some strange young man laughing like that at their great emperor. The young man replied, "ha ha, in our village roads don't walk. So they cannot go to the Agra city"

For a second, Akbar too was shocked to see a young man making fun of him. But instead of losing his temper, he was surprised by the witty reply from that young man. He thought to himself that, he should have people like that young man in his kingdom.

Akbar asked , "What is your name, young man?" . He replied " I am Mahesh Das. I live in a nearby village"

Akbar asked the young man to come to his kingdom, the next day. Now asking which road would take them to the Agra city, the Emperor and his men went to their kingdom.


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