Birbal visits Akbar's Court - Short Stories with pictures for Children

In this previous short story, we told you how the young and witty Birbal impressed the emperor Akbar. As the days went buy, the young Birbal grew to become an handsome and intelligent young man. He decided to leave his small village and go and work in the Akbar's court. So, one day he went to the Agra palace.

The gatekeeper of the palace asked why Birbal has come there. Birbal told him about the forest incident and said he wanted to see the emperor. The gatekeeper was very greedy. He thought Birbal has come to get gifts from the Akbar. He told Birbal that he would allow him inside the palace only if Birbal would accept his conditions.

Birbal asked what was his condition. The gatekeeper said, "You should give half of whatever you get from our king". Birbal laughed to himself, and nodded his head accepting for that condition. When he went inside the the Akbar was very excited to see the young Birbal. He walked down from his thrown to hug the young Birbal.

With excitement, the Akbar asked, "Dear Birbal, I am very glad that you have come here. I want to gift you something. As whatever you want"  Birbal was waiting for this moment. He immediately, said " Dear King, I am very glad that you offered me this. I would like to have 100 lashes on me"

Everyone in the court laughed at what Birbal had said. They thought he should be a fool. The Akbar was also surprised but he knew about Birbal's intelligence. So he asked one of soldier's to come give 100 lashes on Birbal's body. Just when the soldier was about to hit, Birbal shouted,  "Please stop!"

He said, "When I came here, the gatekeeper of this palace put a condition that I should give him half of what I get from the king, to allow me inside the palace. So he should get the first 50 lashes" Now Akbar understood why Birbal asked for such a mysterious gift. He immediately called that greedy gatekeeper and punished him with all those 100 lashes.

Everyone in the court were admired by the smartness of Birbal.


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