Moral Story about the Shepherd boy who cried 'wolf' to fool the villagers

Once upon a time a shepherd boy was asked to look after a flock of sheep. He felt very bored about his work, so he decided to fool the villagers who were working in a nearby paddy field. The boy shouted, 'Help! wolf, wolf!'

The villagers heard the cry and rushed to the boys place, but they didn't see any wolf there. "Where is the wolf", asked one of the villagers to the shepherd boy. 

The Shepherd boy laughed loudly and said, "I have fooled you all, ha ha ha. No wolf here, I only wanted to play a trick on all of you."  

The villagers were very disappointed but went away. After another week, the shepherd boy again shouted 'Help! wolf, wolf". Again the villagers rushed to the place to find no wolf there. This time there villages were more disappointed by the boy's behavior. They scolded him badly and left the place.

Days rolled by, then on a sunny day a real wolf attacked the sheep. The shepherd boy shouted, "Please Help! Wolf, wolf, please help!"  But the villagers thought the shepherd boy is again playing the same trick, so they continued doing their work. 

The shepherd boy ran towards the villagers and apologized for his earlier mistake. He told them that this time a real wolf had come and is attacking the sheep. By the time, the villagers reached the place, the wolf had already attacked and killed many sheep. The boy realized his mistake.

Moral: People will not believe someone who always keeps telling lies.


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