Wolf in a Sheep Skin - Moral Story for Children with pictures

Once, a wolf was walking in a village. On the way, he found a dead sheep's skin. Immediately, he thought about a wicked plan. He decided to cover-up himself with that skin and get mixed with the flock of sheeps in that village.

He thought to himself, "If I can enter into that flock of sheep, in the night I can hunt as many sheep I could and have wonderful feast". He silently crossed the fence and got mixed with other sheep. He was waiting for the night.

That night, few friends visited the shepherd's house. He decided to provide them with good food. So the shepherd asked his servant to go and get the best sheep to prepare feast for his friends. The servant saw this sheep skin covered wolf and thinking it was a sheep, he picked that and killed him. 

Poor wolf died because of his wicked plan

MORAL : Evil thought lead to evil end.


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