The Unity of Doves and the Bird Catcher - Moral Story for Children

Once upon a time, a flock of doves visited a pond every evening to drink water. A bird catcher noticed this for few days. He thought about a plan to catch all those pigeons and sell them for good price. So the next day, he came to that place and spread a net near that pond. He scattered few grains over that net.

When the birds came there and saw the grains, they were excited and started eating the grains without noticing the net that was spread to catch them. All of them were trapped in the net. The pigeons started crying. 

Just then the leader of the birds, thought about a very good plan and said  , "Dear frieds, don't cry. If we all stay united, put our best efforts and fly at the same time, we should be able to fly away with the net."

The birds were excited about the plan. They gathered all their energy and flocked their wings at the same time. Like a magic all the birds carried that net and flew high on the sky. The Bird catcher was very sad to lose his nest and the birds.

MORAL : Unity is the best weapon.


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