Little Krishna kills Putana

Earlier we wrote about the Birth of Lord Krishna and how he escaped from Kamsa. You can read that story here.

After he heard that the 8th child of his sister Devaki had escaped, Kamsa became very angry. He ordered all his asuras to go and search for the babies born who were born on that night and kill them all. 

One of those asuras called Putana using his magical power found that the little Krishna was living safely in Gokulam. Putana disguised himself as a beautiful maiden and went to Nandha's house in Gokulam.

There she pretended to be passing by Nandha's house. When she saw Krishna alone was lying in the cot, pretending to feed milk to  him, she tried to kill the little Krishna. But the little Krishna knew her evil intention. He immediately killed the asura.

Meanwhile, Nandha and his wife who were ouside the house, heard the sound of cry and rushed into the house. There they saw the dead asura and the little Krishna was playing in the cot.


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