Story of The greedy Jackal - Panchatantra Story for Children

Once upon a time, on a sunny day a hunter went into the forest searching for some food. Deep inside the forest, the hunter saw a wild bear.

He immediately, with his bow and array, took a sharp aim at the bear and stuck the bear.

The bear was heavily injured but it didn't die immediately. The bear jumped upon the hunter and killed him. Very soon, the bear also died at the same spot.

Sometimes later, a jackal happened to pass that site. He saw the two dead bodies and felt very happy that he could eat them. Just then he saw the bowstring and thought to eat it before eating the two dead bodies. 

As he tried to bite the bowstring, one end of the string pierced his mouth and the jackal also died on the spot. Poor jackal died because of his greediness to eat everything.

Moral : Greediness is harmful.


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