The Foolish Disciple - Jataka Tales with morals for Children

Once upon a time, a great sage had a group of four disciples in his ashram. They were all very brilliant and eager students. One day, the sage realized that they all have had imparted enough knowledge hence they can leave the ashram then.

So he called his disciples and told them about the time had arrived for them to leave the ashram and use the knowledge to help other common people. The four disciples then packed their food and started walking into the forest to return to their homes.

One the way the four disciples saw a skeleton of a dead tiger. One of the disciples who was considered to be the wisest among the four, wanted to show off his knowledge to his friends. He stopped them and said, "Dear friends look at this dead tiger. I can bring back life to this dead animal"

The other three disciples knew he could do that, but they felt if things go wrong, it turn into a big danger for them. So they told him not to do that. But he refused to listen to them. He started saying some mantras which the sage had taught him.

The other three disciples ran and climbed on a nearby tree to watch what was happening. As the wise disciple started saying some mantras, the bones of the dead tiger joined together to form a its skeleton. Then flesh grew over them. Then the flesh was covered with skin. The three disciples were watching all this with surprise and also fear from the tree.

When the disciple said the most powerful mantra to bring back life to that dead tiger, the tail of the tiger moved slightly. He was very proud about what he had done and was laughing at the other friends who were hiding on the tree.

Then suddenly, the tiger opened its eyes and saw a human standing near. Roaring loudly, the tiger pounced and killed the poor disciple. His friends felt very sad for that foolish disciple.

MORAL : Right use of the learning is the real Knowledge. 


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