The Greedy Crow - Short Moral Stories for Children

Long ago in a kingdom, the people were so kind hearted. They built nests for birds in their own houses and helped them to stay in safety. One such nobleman built a beautiful nest for a pigeon in his house. 

Every day the pigeon would fly out in search for food for him. When he had collected enough food, he would fly back to his little nest in the nobleman's house.   

One day, when flying out in search for food, the pigeon met a cunning crow. Not knowing the true character of that crow, the pigeon became a friend to him. After talking and playing with the new friend, the pigeon invited the crow to come to his nest and stay there that night.

The crow was very happy to hear this. The two birds flew to the pigeon's nest in the nobleman's house. Next day morning, when the crow woke up he saw the kitchen of the nobleman's house. The servant was cooking some fishes and smelling it, the crow's mouth started watering. The crow thought about a plan to eat that fish. So he pretended to be sick.

The pigeon thought the crow was really sick. So he asked him to take rest in his nest and flew away to get some medicines and food for the crow. After sometimes, when the servant had finished cooking and left the kitchen, the crow entered into the kitchen and tried to open the lid of the vessel to eat the cooked fish.

The trembling sound of the vessel lid was heard outside. The servant rushed to the kitchen and saw a crow trying to open the lid. He took a stick and beat the crow. The poor crow died immediately. The servant threw the dead crow outside.

The pigeon returned back to the nest to see his friend dead. He realized what would have happened, and felt very sad for his friend's greediness.

MORAL: Greediness brings sorrow.


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