The Jackal King - Jataka Tales with Morals for Children

Once upon a time, a royal prince of kingdom after many years of penance, learnt a very powerful magical verse that would give more power to the one saying that verse. He thought about teaching the wise and kind king of that kingdom. 

But just as the priest uttered the prayer, a jackal who was hiding behind a bush overheard that magical verse. He came out of the bush, jumping with joy and said ,"Oh thank you God. Now I know the prayer to become the most powerful animal. Now I can become the king of this forest"

The priest was worried about a cunning jackal knowing that magic. He tried to stop him, but the jackal had already ran deep into the forest. The jackal, then using that magical verse controlled all the animals in the forest and became the king of that forest. The jackal always had a herd of elephants to carry him. Then there were plenty of lions and tigers around them to protect the new king.

After some times, the jackal was bored of ruling the forest. He decided to capture the kingdom and become of the king of that entire nation. He gathered all the animals and ordered them to march towards the kingdom. The people in the kingdom seeing so many animals entering into their nation, ran to the king for help. The royal priest, who was there with the king, then said to king about what had happened in the forest. He said that he could solve that situation.

The priest went to the jackal and greeted him. Then the priest asked the jackal, how would he capture that whole kingdom. The jackal replied, "I will ask all my lions and tigers to roar at their maximum voice. When the people hear such high noise, they will run away from this nation. Then I can become the king of this entire kingdom."

The priest immediately returned to the palace and told the king about the jackal's plan. He asked the king to order all his people to cover their ears with flour so that they cannot hear the roaring noise. The stupid jackal didn't know about this.

When the animals reached near the kingdom, the jackal ordered the tigers and lions to roar. The lions and tigers opened their mouth and roared in a threatening manner. Since their ears were covered with flour, the people in the kingdom heard nothing. But the elephants on hearing such sudden roars, panicked and started running away. 

Now, because of this sudden panic, the jackal lost its balance and fell to the ground. Sadly, he was also crushed to death by the panicked elephants. Thus the rule of a cunning jackal came to an end.

MORAL : Evil cannot prevail for ever.


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