The King and the Monkey - Jataka Tales with Moral for Children

Very long ago during a monsoon season it was raining heavily in a kingdom. The king of that kingdom, heard about some small mutiny at the border of his kingdom. Without even thinking about the consequences, the king immediately called all his chiefs and ordered them to get ready for a war. He ordered everyone to march towards the border, where the enemy had set up a small camp.

The chiefs and ministers were not allowed to argue with the king. So the obeyed his order and started to move in the heavy rain. After a day long walk, they reached a forest. They decided to stay outside that forest for a night and then start their march the next morning. The king and all his men had their food and the king went into his camp to sleep. 

From inside the camp, he saw a monkey coming down a tree to eat the food that was littered over there.  He grabbed a handful of food and climbed up the tree again. But while climbing up the tree, the monkey dropped some food. Then to collect the dropped food, the monkey jumped down and because of this he almost dropped all the food he had in hands.

The king who was watching all these from inside his camp laughed loudly and said, "ha ha ha that is a stupid monkey. just to collect that small dropped food, he has lost all the food". The wise minister in his kingdom who was watching all these said , "It is not only that monkey who does this. Many times, even the powerful people in our kingdom do the same thing"

The king understood what the minister was trying to say. He realized his mistake. Just to fight a small mutiny he had asked all his soldiers to suffer in such heavy rain. Next morning he asked his army to return back to the kingdom and sent a small group to solve the problem at the borders.

MORAL : Never waste your resources for small reasons.


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