The King and the Noble Deer - Jataka Tales with Morals for Children

One day, a king with his courtiers went into a forest for hunting. Inside the forest, the king saw a deer grazing. The king immediately took aim at the deer and let his arrow fly. But the deer heard the twang of the bow string, and escaped from their immediately.

The king wanted to hunt the deer. Without informing anything to his men, he immediately stated to chase the deer to hunt him down. The soldiers didn't realize what was happening there. The deer ran into the dense part of that forest. The king not knowing anything about that forest, kept following the deer.

After a while, the king had lost his way. He also lost the sight of that deer. He got down from his horse, searching if he could see that deer. 

Just then, without noticing the king stepped into a quicksand. The king started drowning in that helplessly. He shouted for help, but since his men were too far away no one heard his cry.

But the deer heard the cry of king. He realized something had gone wrong. He returned back in the direction of that king's call and found him drowning in the quicksand. Immediately lowering his head the deer told the king, "Oh king please hold my antlers. I will pull you out"

The king did what the deer told him. Using all his energy, the deer pulled the king out of that danger. The king thanked the deer for the help and promised that he would never hunt poor innocent animals in the forest.

MORAL : Always help people in danger, even if it is your worst enemy.



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