The story of the Lion, the Bison and the Cunning Jackal - Jataka Tales for Children with Moral

One day, the lion who was the king of a dense forest was injured while hunting for his food. While returning back to his cave, a group of jackals knowing the lion was wounded attacked the king. A bison who was seeing this unfair attack, rushed to the spot and tossed the jackals till they ran away from there.

The lion was very grateful for the timely help. Both the lion and the bison, then became very good friends. One of the jackals who was wounded by the bison's attack wanted to take revenge on the lion and the bison. He was waiting for the right time.

One day, the cunning jackal saw the lion alone near the river. The bison was not there with him then. The jackal thought that was the right time to complain about the bison to the lion. He went to the lion and greeted him. The lion asked why he had come to see him.

"Dear king, you are such a wonderful king. but I am very sad that you have a very bad friend." said the jackal

"Who?", asked the lion. The Jackal replied, " I am talking about that bison. I have seen him sketching plans to kill you and become the king of this jungle"

The lion became very angry about what the jackal had said. He warned him not to speak bad about his good friend and asked him to move away. While returning back, the cunning jackal met the bison. This time, he said few bad things about the lion to the bison. The bison too warned him not to speak bad about his friend and chased him away.

Now, from a distance the bison and the lion could see each other approaching. The words of that cunning jackal were eating up their mind, hence both their faces looked very angry. As they came closer, one thought was going through in both their minds, "what if jackal had said the truth" and looked at each other's face.

Not even thinking about anything else, they attacked each other. The fight lasted long and was a bloody fight. After a long fight they were very tired, so they had to lean over a rock and closed their eyes. The jackal who was watching the fight from some distance, thought both the lion and the bison were dead. 

He came near them, jumped with joy and shouted, "you two stupid animals ! ha... ha... see how cleverly I have killed my enemies. Now I am the king of this jungle"

The lion and the bison who were listening to this, realized the truth. they managed to stand up and then attacked the cunning jackal. They both felt very bad for listening to a cunning jackal's words. Then after that they both lived as a very good friends for ever.

MORAL: Never trust bad people.


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