The Dangerous Helper - Panchatantra Story of crab, swan, snake and mongoose

In a dense forest, there was a beautiful lake. In that beautiful lake there lived a crab. A swan also lived nearby that lake. The crab and the swan were very close friends and they lived happily for many years. One day a snake came near the lake and built a home for him there.

Every time, when the swan laid an egg the snake would eat it up. The swan didn't know how to protect the eggs from that snake.

One day, the swan went to the crab and said, "Dear friend please help me. That cruel snake eats all the eggs i my nest. What can I do?"

The crab thought for a while. Then he said, "I have an idea. Let's catch some fish from this lake and scatter them from the snake's house till the mongoose's house. So when the mongoose see the snake, he would kill him".

So the crab and the swan caught some fishes and dropped them from mongoose's house all the way to the snake's house. Then both of them hid behind a tree to watch what was happening.

After sometime, the mongoose came out. He saw the fishes and was overjoyed. He ate them one by one and following the trail reached the snake's house. 

When the snake saw the mongoose, he thought, "that mongoose is here to attack me. I should attack him before that". Then there was a furious between the both and finally the mongoose killed the snake.

The swan was overjoyed to see the death of the snake. But that joy was only a short-lived. Next day, the mongoose looking for more fish came to that lake and found the swan's eggs. He immediately ate them.

The crab and the swan were helpless. Unknowingly they have brought this new threat upon themselves.


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