The story of an hunter who realized his mistakes - Panchatantra Story for Kids

Once upon a time there lived a cruel hunter. He was mercilessly hunting all the animals in the jungle. All his friends asked him not to be so cruel to the animals, but he never listened to any of them. 
As the days passed by even the friends stopped advising him. One day the hunter caught a rabbit and was returning back from the jungle, holding the rabbit in his hands. The poor rabbit was crying for help. Just then a saint who was passing by there, saw the hunter and the crying rabbit.

The saint, not knowing about the hunter's cruel character said, "Dear man, why are you hurting an innocent animal. Please let him go."

The hunter was tensed to hear this. His face turned red. Just to show off his anger, he replied, "Dear saint, this is none of your business. I am going to kill this rabbit now". Saying this, he took his knife and tried to kill the innocent rabbit.

Just when he tried to take his knife out, his leg slipped over a stone and he lost his balance. Thus the knife slipped from his hands and fell over his legs wounding them severely. He cried with pain for help,

The saint who was watching all this, took some leaves from few plants and applied over the wound. The hunter thanked the saint and apologized for his bad behavior. He let the rabbit go away and from then onward he was always kind towards the animals.



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