Sir Isaac Newton's forgiveness - Real life stories for Children

Sir Isaac Newton was a famous scientist who worked several hours every day for many years. He wrote down the findings of all his research works on paper. One day, he left those papers on the table and went out for a small walk.

A candle was burning on that table. His pet dog named 'Diamond' was lying in that room then. Not knowing about the importance of those research papers, he jumped on the table. This pushed the candle over those papers. Within few seconds all those papers were burnt into ashes.

When Newton returned back, he was shocked to see his years of work being destroyed. Newton realized how that accident had happened. Instead of getting angry over his dog, Newton sat down and stroked the head of Diamond with love and care. He forgave the innocent dog.



  1. Must improvise on the style of writing. Found it very simple and so didn't enjoy.


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