Tenali Rama and the Goddess Kali - Stories for Children

Tenali was a small town in the Vijayanagar Kingdom which was then ruled by King Krishnadevaraya. In that small town, lived a clever boy called as Rama. Rama was also a very lazy boy. 

For sometimes, it didn't rain in the kingdom and all the crops began to dry. One day, a sanyasi came to that village. As soon as the sanyasi stepped into the village it began to rain there. Everyone thought it was all because of the sanyasi's magical power. 

They thought he was a holy man. But the little boy Rama made fun of the sanyasi and the people. The sanyasi wanted to prove his power to Tenali Rama. He called Rama and told him that, he would teach him a mantra which would be very useful to him. He told Tenali Rama to recite that mantra in the nearby Mahakali temple. 

Rama did as the sanyasi told him. Goddess Kali appeared with her thousand heads in front of Rama. Tenali Rama took a look at Goddess Kali and immediately he started to laugh. "Why are you laughing like this?", asked the Goddess Kali. 

 "God, I have only one nose and it is very difficult to wipe it when I get cold. I was imagining how you will suffer with these thousands heads and noses". Mahakali liked the joke and smiled. She said, "I like your innocence. I will give you a boon. Here are two bowls - one has the milk of knowledge and the other has the milk of wealth. You may choose any one of them" 

Tenali thought for a while and said, "How can I select one without tasting either bowl. Will you allow me to taste them before I decide. Not knowing about the cleverness of Tenali Rama, Kali agreed. Immediately, Tenali Rama drank the milk from both the bowls. 

 "Mother, please forgive me, " said Rama. "What is the use of knowledge without wealth? that is why I drank both" The Goddess liked the cleverness of Rama and blessed him. From then onward, the fame and fortune of Tenali Rama spread in all directions.


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