The Donkey and the Horse - Panchatantra Story for Children

Once there lived a washer man who owned a donkey and a horse. The donkey was used to carry the clothes to the pond and back to home. The horse carried the washer-man to market, occasionally. The donkey worked much harder than the horse, but the horse was teasing the donkey for carrying dirty clothes.

One bright sunny day, the washer-man was going to the pond with the donkey with loads of clothes to be washed. He also took the horse to give it some water. Soon the donkey's back was hurt. The donkey couldn't bear the weight so he said to the horse, "Dear friend, the weight of the clothes are unusually very heavy today. Please take some of it on your back"

But the horse replied rudely, "hey I am supposed to carry only my master and not these dirty clothes." The day was getting hotter and the poor donkey was totally exhausted. The tired donkey then collapsed on the ground.

"oh.. what has happened to my donkey" said the washer-man. Immediately he took all the load off from the donkey. He gave some water to the donkey. The donkey was getting better now.

The washer man then picked the load and placed them on the horse's back. Now the horse was feeling the pain, but he couldn't say anything since his master was there. Now the horse realized its mistake and felt sorry for teasing the donkey.

MORAL : Always be friendly to others and help them in needs.


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