The Pigeon and the Bad Crows - Panchatantra Story for Children

Once upon a time, there was a farmer in a small village. Every time when the farmer sowed seeds in his land, the crows near his farm would come and eat them all. The farmer felt very angry but he didn't know how to get rid of those crows.

One day, a friend of that farmer heard about this problem. He gave  a large net to the farmer and told him about how to trap those crows with that net. The farmer took the net and some grains and went to his farm.

He laid the net and put some grains over them. Not knowing about the laid net, the crows as always came down to eat the grains. Soon all the crows were trapped in the net. They couldn't escape this time. The farmer came there laughing and said, "Ha Ha, finally I have caught you all. I will put you all to death for ruining my farm."

Suddenly the farmer heard a different voice screaming for help. The farmer saw in the direction of that voice, and a pigeon was also trapped in that net. The pigeon said, "Farmer, please let me go. I know you are angry with the crows and not me. So please let me go"

The farmer replied, "but you too have been caught for stealing from my farm. You should also be punished"

Poor pigeon had to face a severe punishment for having bad friendship.

MORAL : Bad company brings pain.


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