The Selfish Crows - Panchatantra Story for Kids

On a huge banyan tree, there lived many crows. The crows were very unfriendly and arrogant to other birds and thus they had no friends.

As the rainy season started, the clouds gathered in the sky. It started to rain slowly. Just then a little myna was returning to her home. As it started to rain, she thought, "I will stay in this banyan tree for sometimes till the rain stops". Not knowing about the cruelty of the crows, the myna sat on a branch in that banyan tree.

The crows saw her perching on the tree. They shouted, "hey stupid bird, get off our tree. This tree belongs to us". The poor myna pleaded, "the weather is too bad, Please let me stay here for a while"

But the crows showed no mercy to the poor myna. They all tried to attack her. So the poor myna flew away from that banyan tree. Luckily she found a hollow in a nearby tree. She took shelter there.

Shortly after, the rain became heavy and was followed by hailstones. Now the crows were hurt by the hailstones, but the myna who took shelter inside the hollow was safe. 

Seeing the crows, screaming with pain the myna called out, "Dear friends, come to this hollow. You all can be safe here"

Hearing what the myna said, the crows felt ashamed for what they had done to him earlier. They all took shelter in that hollow and thanked the kind myna. The crows also apologized for their silly behavior.

MORAL : Always be kind to others.


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