The Story of a Naughty Lamb - Panchatantra Story for Children

Once upon a time, there lived a little lamb with his mother goat. The little lamb was very naughty and his mother found it very hard to manage him. Their home was located near a dense forest and there were many dangerous wolves living in that forest. 

One day, the little lamb wandered into the forest. he was excited to see the tall trees and colourful flowers. Suddenly he realised that he was lost in that forest. He shouted, "Help... Help.." 

Hearing the voice of a little lamb, a wolf who was living nearby rushed in the direction from which the sound came. He was delighted to see the little lamb. Licking his lips, the wolf thought, "yummy... I will have a wonderful lunch today". 

The wolf jumped in front of the little lamb. The little lamb was terrified. He turned and ran as fast as he could. The wolf chased him very closely. Meanwhile the mother goat, not finding her lamb at home for a very long time, was worried. She walked into the forest searching for him. 

Just as she entered into the forest, she saw the little lamb running towards her and a wolf chasing him. The mother goat, immediately using her long horns chased the wolf away. Then the mother goat took the little lamb to their home. 

When the little lamb was a little relaxed, she said, "Look my dear son, this is the reason that I always warned you not to enter into the forest. I am happy that you are safe now." 

The little lamb realised his mistakes and nodded his head.


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