The story of Two Tree Friends - Panchatantra Story for Children

In a Jungle, there were plenty of trees. Among those trees, two were very close friends. They stood near to each other and shared their thoughts about everything on this earth. That jungle was also the home of some lions. 

These lions used to kill other animals and eat them. The remains of those dead animals that were left near the trees used to give a foul smell for a very long time. The two tree friends were unhappy because of this foul smell.

One day, the two tree friends were talking to each other. The first tree said, "These lions are polluting our place. We should get rid of them". "Yes," replied the other tree. "We should drive them out soon", he said.

One of the old and wise trees, who was listening to the two friends said, "those lions might be polluting our place but these wild animals are the ones who save us from the cruel woodcutters". But the two friends decided to frighten the lions away. That evening, the two trees started to move very violently and made loud strange noise. 

The lions were terrified because of this and they ran away from the jungle immediately. The two tree friends were happy and laughed very loudly. Unfortunately their happiness lasted only for few weeks. 

Soon the woodcutters from the nearby village found that the wild lions have left that part of that jungle. So on a sunny day, they came to that place and cut down all the trees. The two tree friends and many more trees were cut down because of the two tree friends' foolishness.

MORAL :  Always listen to elders' words.


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