King Dasaratha's Curse - Stories from Ramayana for Children

King Dasaratha was a noble and generous king ruling the Kosala Kingdom. Though he was blessed with fame, glory, peace and prosperity, he had one great sorrow. He and his three wives did not have any children. 

One day, King Dasaratha went for hunting into the forest. There he heard a gurgling sound in one direction. King Dasaratha thought some animal was drinking water. He took his bow and shot an arrow in that direction. 

When King Dasaratha rushed to the spot, he found a young man seriously wounded by the arrow. The young man was half dead. His name was Sharavana and he was the only son of his blind parents. He had come to the river to fetch some water for them, who were resting under a nearby tree. 

Before dying, Sharavana told King Dasaratha about his blind parents and requested him to take care of his parents. King Dasaratha was very sad about what had happened. He went to the blind parents, told them about the death of their son Sharavana and apologized for his mistake. 

Shocked by the news, the blind couple became very angry. They cursed King Dasaratha to suffer with similar putrasoka in the future. It is because of this curse that many years later King Dasaratha suffered the pain of separation from his beloved son Lord Rama.


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