Magic with eyes closed - Tenali Rama Stories for Children

One day, a famous magician from a nearby kingdom visited the Vijayanagar palace. Since he was a very famous magician, many people had gathered at the palace to watch his magic show. Tenali Rama also went there to watch the magic show.

The king, all his ministers and the people who had gathered there were amazed to watch the magic show. At the end of the show, the magician bowed before the king and said, "Your Highness, I challenge any one from your kingdom to come forward and defeat me". 

No one came forward. The King was ashamed. Just then, Tenali Raman stepped forward and said, "I would like to take up the challenge". The king was happy to see someone coming forward the save the kingdom's pride. 

The king said, "My dear man, if you win I shall give you a bag of gold". The Rama called a guard and whispered something into his ears. The guard went out and returned back with a small bag after sometimes. 

Then Tenali Raman said to the magician, "I will perform an act with my eyes closed and you have to do the same with your eyes open" The magican thought Tenali Raman was a fool to challenge for such a simple task. He readily agreed. 

Raman took a handful of sand from that bag and threw them on his eyes closed. He then opened his eyes and asked the magician to do the same with his eyes open. The magician accepted his defeat and apologized for rudely challenging the king and his kingdom. 

The king was very happy. He gave a bag full of gold to Tenali Raman and also asked him to stay in the palace.


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