The story of Little Boy Johny and his magic bag - Moral story for Children

Once upon a time there lived a little boy called Johny. His father was a woodcutter. Though their family was poor, Johny was always kind to others. 

One day, Johny was carrying some food for his father and walked into the forest. On his way, he saw a very old man sitting under a tree. When Johny walked by, the old man said, "Dear little boy, I am very hungry and tired. Please give me something to eat". 

Johny had only little food for his father and himself. He thought for a while and took his food packet and happily gave it to that old man. Suddenly there was flash of light. The old man turned into an elf. "Dear Johny, you are very kind and helpful", said the elf. 

Then he gave a small bag to Johny and said, "This is a magic bag. This will give you gold coins whenever you need them. Just say 'Fill up bag' and then this bag will fill up with gold coins. When you have had enough coins, just say 'Stop Bag'. 

Johny thanked the elf and ran home carrying the magic bag. He told his parents about the magic bag and said, 'Fill up bag'. Immediately the bag was filled with gold coins. When they had enough coins, he said 'Stop Bag'. Now they were no more poor. 

Somehow a wicked and greedy neighbour found out the secrets of this magic bag. One night, he stole the magic bag and ran into his house. With excitement, the greedy neighbour shouted "Fill up Bag". Instantly the began to fill up with hays. 

The neighbour was shocked to see the hays and forgot to stop the bag. Soon his house was filled with hays and the greedy neighbour was crushed under those hays. He shouted for help. Hearing the sound, Little Johny and his parents ran to the neighbour's house. 

Johny understood what would have happened. He shouted, "Stop Bag" and immediately the bag stopped. John's parents pulled that greedy neighbour from those hays. 

He thanked them and apologized for his mistake. Then the elf appeared there and said, 'This magic bag will give gold coins only for good people'. Little Johny thanked the elf and returned the magic bag to him. 

Moral : Greediness brings pain.


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